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"Detailed Living Plans reflect each client’s values,

financial goals & legacy ambitions"

Brenda Jackson is a Division Director/Senior Financial Consultant at IG Wealth Management (formerly Investors Group). She received her Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation in 2000 and her Registered Retirement Consultant (RRC) designation in 2015. Brenda has over 25 years of experience assisting individuals, families, business owners, and people of all walks of life, to achieve their financial goals with a detailed Living Plan.

Brenda has been a client of IG Wealth Management since high school. “My meeting with my financial advisor changed my life and in fact, inspired me to pursue a career in the financial planning industry. I couldn’t wait to impact people’s lives and to be part of them reaching their financial goals,” Brenda says.

Some context helps explain Brenda’s personalized approach, drive and commitment. She grew up in Northern Ontario in a somewhat isolated city, Thunder Bay - Winnipeg is 5 1/2 hours’ drive to the west, Toronto is 15 hours’ drive to the east, and Minneapolis is 5 1/2 hours’ drive to the south. This led her to be community oriented and people focused.

Setting goals and believing in yourself is also a recurrent theme. Brenda’s personal story demonstrates what is possible when you take responsibility. “I came from a large family including four sisters and two brothers. All my friends only had a couple of siblings in their families, which meant their families could afford to pay for the extras in life. I realized that if I also wanted to have those things too, I had to pay for them,” Brenda says.

From the age of eight, through to her teens, Brenda delivered flyers, engaged in door-to-door sales for Regal Catalogues, and had a paper route, as well as several other part time jobs. “I learned from a very early age that you had to set goals, earn your own income and work hard at everything you do!” Brenda adds.

Brenda worked, played sports, and studied hard. After moving out at age 16, she realized she would have to pay her own way if she carried on to College or University. Her dedication to her studies paid off by receiving the highest-grade average between grades 9 -12 in her high school. She also received several scholarships and bursaries, which funded her post secondary education (Business Administration) at the local college.

Brenda married at age 21 and moved to Winnipeg in 1992. She later joined IG Wealth Management as a Consultant in 1993. She worked there for a year and then followed her then husband back to Thunder Bay for his job. At that time, you could not be licensed in two provinces, so she lost all of her clients in Manitoba, and had to start from scratch in Ontario.

Brenda became a mother for the first time in 1995. Her first-born son, Deven, was born with a disease and she spent the first 2 years in and out of the hospital caring for her son, on top of working in her career. “At times, I was sure that the pediatric floor was going to start charging me rent. But, even with a sick child, I was convinced it was possible to look after him and clients at the same time,” Brenda says. Her second child, Austin, was born in 1996.

“I enjoyed being a young mother and a career woman. That was a less enlightened time, and colleagues assumed that I would not make it in the financial industry because I was a young woman with children. As a result, I felt I had to prove myself on a daily basis. In retrospect, this made me a stronger person and provided the impetus to prove to myself and others that I was the right person for this important job,” Brenda explains.

“When I started in the Thunder Bay office there were only 2 women and about 25 men. Today, the ratio is thankfully higher. Whenever possible, it is important to encourage women to consider a financial planning career if they want to make an impact on people’s lives, now and for future generations. It’s rewarding, flexible, personalized, and allows you to authentically be yourself - a career woman, a wife and a mom,” Brenda adds with a smile.

People expect the proper advice and count on professional CFP’s to work with them to provide a road map and personalized Life Plan. Listening, understanding, caring and building relationships with your clients is key. Clients Ed & Pat Laskowski describe Brenda as the, “…Whole package...Financial advisor, Fashion icon, and Friend!!”

They explain, “Your dedication and work ethic have guided us through the ups and downs of the markets. We rely heavily on you to assist us in making sound financial decisions...You have not disappointed. We are very fortunate to have found someone who we can rely on for our financial advice, as well as someone we can call friend.”

Clients Mike Bruce and Sam Small agree. “Several years ago, we consolidated all of our investments with Investors Group because we needed expert assistance in our retirement preparation…Brenda Jackson…and her team provide us with excellent service and financial guidance while keeping all of our financial affairs in order…Brenda has helped us reach our retirement goals at age 55 and has been instrumental in the financial planning for the construction of our dream home. We are so pleased with (her) service…that we recently moved my mother's affairs over to Brenda and her team.”

In addition to working with her personal financial planning clients like the Laskowski’s and Bruce’s, Brenda is also a Division Director. In this role, she oversees training, offers mentoring and encouragement, and supports consultants’ efforts in the community.

Brenda married Leon Jackson in 2010 and the couple had two more boys, Carter and Ryder. In 2013, they decided to move to Edmonton. Her older boys Deven and Austin joined them in 2014/15. “The hardest thing I ever had to do was to leave clients in Thunder Bay after building relationships, friendships over 20 years. I knew their family, their kids, their goals, and was working with them on their Living Plans. It was emotional,” she says.

Today, Brenda works out of the Edmonton Metro Office on Jasper Ave. She is supported by her two personal Assistants, Zabeen and Samantha, along with a team of regional specialists in Wealth Planning, and Insurance and Mortgage Planning. “I am inspired by my clients and am so grateful for the people I have met.I am also grateful for the opportunity to earn a client’s trust and to help them fulfill their individual goals and personalized plans. I also believe an important part of my role is to work with clients so they understand what everything means, especially our highly technical industry jargon. I’ve often been told that I uncomplicate the complicated,” Brenda says.

Brenda also believes in leading by example and in giving back. She has volunteered for Mustard Seed – the charity works with adults experiencing poverty and homelessness (, and participates in raising awareness (and donations) for Alzheimer’s and Cancer Societies. Brenda has also participated in Warm Hands/Warm Heart where she and other members of the community run through Edmonton’s inner-city delivering toques, mittens, socks, underwear, scarves and balaclavas in backpacks to the city’s less fortunate (

Brenda often speaks to businesses and organizations regarding financial planning. On November 7-8/2018 Brenda will be speaking at the Women-in-the-WestYellowhead; Connecting & Building Capacity Conference in Jasper. There are three education streams including Leadership and Soft Skills Development, Business Development and Learning, and Wellness and Self-Care. Brenda’s topic will be “Own Your Own Future,” in the Leadership and Soft Skills education streams. (

“This is an amazing business. Although there are up and down moments, like illness and death, there are also many exciting moments, like being invited to a client’s retirement party, mortgage burning or anniversary. Whether you are, looking for a “comprehensive financial analysis” from a Senior Financial Consultant or would like to discuss this with me or if you are interested in exploring an entrepreneurial opportunity with IG Wealth Management, please reach out to me.”

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Brenda Jackson , RRC

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