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"A Personalized Approach To Family & Criminal Law"

Sherri D. Moss has practiced Family and Criminal Law in an established firm in Brampton for over eighteen years.

Wanting more work / life balance and change, Sherri opened MP Lawyers on Yonge Street, in the heart of Richmond Hill. She also has a new satellite office on Queen Street in Brampton, to serve her clients there.

With the addition of a new partner, Kimberly Paynter, lawyer Carolann Mckay, and law clerk Maria Villarreal, the new firm has already expanded. “It’s exciting to launch a new practice, closer to home, while continuing to make a difference, one client at a time,” the Family and Criminal Law expert says.

In addition to traditional court cases, Sherri is also trained in collaborative law, which she describes as a wonderful mechanism for clients that do not want to pay the steep emotional and financial costs of an ugly or protracted court battle. She also offers a number of other cost-effective, non-litigious solutions. These include marriage contracts, cohabitation agreements, separation agreements, independent legal advice on a mediation report or recommendation, and consent court orders.

Regardless of what route you choose, it is important to work with someone that you can trust to take you through your journey. Family law matters are far more than just disclosures and number crunching. There are emotions and real people involved.

As well, the most competent family law practitioners have at least a general understanding of tax law, business law, real estate law, succession law, immigration law and criminal law, to name just a few.

Clients involved in a family law matter typically have many questions:

• Does my partner get half of my business? • Do I have to share all of my assets?

• Do I get to keep all of my inheritance?

• How will this impact my taxes?

• Do I have to sell the investment property?

• What if my partner is hiding assets or lies about his/her income?

• Will I still get my pension?

• Am I responsible for my partner’s debts?

• Where will the children live?

• Can I buy out the house?

• Who pays child or spousal support to whom and for how long?

• Can I deduct my support payments on my tax return?

“Heartbreak, jealousy and anger also intensify the emotional tempo, which may inspire one or both of the parties to do or say things that they would not otherwise. All of these matters have to be managed in a way that best protects my clients and their children,” Sherri adds.

While Sherri handles criminal matters that are unrelated to her family law cases, these two areas of practice frequently overlap. “While the parents may be locked in a custody battle, one partner might be charged with domestic abuse, or one of their kids may be involved with the law and facing a youth court matter. Unfortunately, this happens more often than you might think. It is really important to have a specialist that has your back and who understands the implications, intersections, consequences and costs of the various moving pieces. Because I practice both areas of the law, my clients don’t have to hire two or even three separate lawyers,” Sherri explains.

Sherri grew up in Montreal, is proficient in both official languages, and achieved her Bachelor of Commerce Degree from McGill University. She obtained her law degree from the University of Manitoba and was called to the bar of Ontario in 1999. Her work in separation, divorce, child and spousal support, and criminal law reflects her desire to help others, especially children. Many of her clients describe her approach as "life changing."

’With close to two decades of practice under her belt, Sherri has observed the high emotional, mental health, and financial costs that marriage breakdown and criminal charges can have on an already fractured family. The uniqueness of each situation, and the people involved in it, drives her strategy and approach.

MP Lawyers is known for their open and transparent approach to client management. “We consider our clients to be valuable team members. Our lawyers always explain the risks and rewards of the different settlement options. But, at the end of the day, we realize it’s the client’s life and respect and encourage their autonomy to make their own considered decisions. We also believe that the client should never be left in the dark about what’s going on in their file and always ensure he or she has copies of all relevant correspondence and legal documents pertaining to their case,” Sherri adds.

It is also important to manage client expectations. Sherri does not ‘sugar coat’ issues or make promises she can’t keep. Whether the matter is related to family law or criminal law, she is committed to being the voice of reason. Sherri’s straight talk works.

One of her satisfied clients said, “I know divorce lawyers, and there is only one Sherri. She is a wonderful human being, very personable, caring and brilliant. I brought my brother to her for a one-hour consult. The information she gave him saved him thousands of dollars. He had the quickest and easiest divorce because of this information packed hour. I have sent other friends and family members to her for their various legal needs. She is the most reasonably priced lawyer I know. Plus, she gets the job done quickly and with great integrity. Sherri believes money should go to the children, not to be eaten up by legal fees.” There are many equally glowing testimonials on her website.

Sherri is grateful for everything that she has achieved thus far in her career and believes in giving back. She continues to attend court as Duty Counsel and has served as the Vice-President of both the Peel Law and the Peel Criminal Law Associations and as a panel lawyer for the Office of the Children’s Lawyer. She also often speaks at local high schools about the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Sherri has been married for ten years and spends her spare time with her husband and children. Parenting her three funny, free-spirited and incredibly wonderful children brings her happiness and perspective. Prior to practicing law, she was a soprano with the Wales Festival.

When she is looking for inspiration, to de-stress, or to have some family fun, she sings and plays the piano. “It is important to remember not to take myself too seriously. Sometimes it’s easy to get drawn into the drama. Singing allows me to have a joyful moment and to centre myself, before I get back to focusing on my clients’ files,” Sherri concludes.

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