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ALLEN AZOULAY, Vice President & Head of Investor Relations, CONCRETE MORTGAGE CAPITAL "From Educator to Entrepreneur"

March 19, 2018





As Vice President, and Head of Investor Relations of Concrete Mortgage Capital Inc., Allen Azoulay negotiates daily between investors, lawyers, clients, and a variety of unique challenges daily.


Yet his story did not start in the field of finance…


Allen (Yehuda) Azoulay is a young and passionate noted scholar, educator, author, activist, and entrepreneur. Currently he holds a Bachelors of Talmudic Law, a Bachelors Degree in Liberal Arts, from Excelsior College and a Master’s of Science degree from Yeshiva University’s Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration. Allen was the Vice-Principal of Torah High/NCSY in Toronto for approximately four years. Furthermore, Allen is the founder of “Sephardic Legacy Series – Institute for Preserving Sephardic Heritage.” To date he has authored five books, and published over forty articles on Sephardic Jewry.


In November of 2013, Allen Azoulay initiated the “Inaugural Tribute Luncheon Honoring the Contributions of Sephardic Jewry in America” in United States Congress. In February 2015, for the first time in Canadian history, he headed a Sephardic National delegation to Ottawa, where he met with former Prime Minister Stephen Harper. That was followed by an exclusive delegation he led to Morocco, dubbed the “North American Conference of Moroccan Jewry” – the aim of which was to further Judeo–Muslim Dialogue and Intercultural Relations. That was endorsed by the Royal Palace and Government in May 2016.


In April 2015, the Canadian Jewish News selected Allen Azoulay as “24 Jews who are changing the world.” In the summer of 2015, the Diplomatic Seminar for Young Jewish Leaders hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel, selected Allen as one of the thirty young professionals around the world who were deemed as national young Jewish leaders. In September 2016, he was invited to join 20 Jewish leaders from around North America to lobby at U.S Congress for the Anti-BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) Mission to Capitol Hill.


Yet aside from all of this Allen managed to raise large funds for non-profits including his own organization and raised significant amount of funds for the needy. He was once asked if you can raise money for non-profit why don’t you raise capital for mortgage investments… At the moment Allen’s passion for raising capital went into raising capital in the financial sector.


What’s most impressive is that he’s managing a very large investment portfolio just shy of three years ago, from approximately 60 syndicated investors all over the GTA.


He’s came to Concrete Mortgage Capital Inc. in a rather unusual fashion, having accrued various financially-related skills beforehand.


He spent a great deal of time raising money for nonprofits, gathering funds to publish scholarly books, and organizing international events.


He also garnered a breadth of experience in financial advising, including developing customer service relationships with clients of the Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank), to becoming an account executive at Print Three Corporation’s leading retail branches.


So it wasn’t such a far slide, then, to leverage those acquired skills in the financial sector, in order to work in the field of raising capital for mortgage investments.


Since 2015, Azoulay has worked with Concrete Mortgage Capital Inc. – a Toronto-based mortgage brokerage – now armed with a mortgage broker license, a Certified Financial Planning license, and is a qualified independent financial advising broker.


Concrete Mortgage Capital Inc. touts its strength as able to arrange funds for institutionally qualified borrowers, with access to 50 Banks, Credit Unions, MICs and Trust Companies – thus able to provide its borrowers and brokers personalized financing solutions. With this access to both private and institutional funds, they offer a range of financing options suited for the unique needs of each borrower.


Their specialization is in infill-construction, first and second residential, land assemblies, rental properties, commercial, and industrial properties. Loan size ranges from $25,000 to $5 million.


Azoulay is always looking for clients that aim to benefit from his conservative approach; those who seek to complement their portfolios, and benefit from an eight to twelve annual per cent monthly return on their investments. Great opportunities for investment are certainly on the rise, he says.


“With the real estate market going the way it is, I think in the next few years we are expected to see an increase in private lending. Therefore, there will be a higher demand, and people will require private mortgages,” he asserts.



Why it’s important to work with Concrete Mortgage Capital Inc. can be summed up as knowing that they have a forward-thinking and innovative approach to client’s needs.


“I am very dedicated and loyal to all my clients, and how much I care about their funds as if it’s my own. I wouldn’t put their funds where I wouldn’t put my funds. That’s how I look at every structure, mortgage, and investment,” he notes.


“Our approach in a volatile real estate market, is a prudent conservative approach in our review of due diligence. We want to see everything almost equal to the bank; we just underwrite faster and efficiently.”


The process is not overly complicated, he assures. “Our goal is to simplify everything both on the investor and the borrower.”


Customization is key to meet clients’ unique needs, and because each client is unique, it requires not only tailored approaches, but that all-important personal touch.


“I think it’s very important that I constantly meet with my clients. We let them know about everything we do, from beginning to end. It reveals how well we take care of them, and assist in monitoring their investment. I think that’s what it comes down to, is transparency, honesty, dedication to investors, and dedication to their investments,” he insists. “Those who invest with us find this out in no time.”


He says he can’t emphasize the notion of face to face communication enough.


“In the world of social media, people have a lack of personal touch. When clients invest their money, it’s very important for me to physically sit across the table with them. It’s about complete focus on the investors, and the care I take with their funds.” 


As a happy by-product of that person-to-person interaction, he has noted business relationships have blossomed into personal relationships. For example, he has been invited to client’s weddings, and other occasions clients have cooked and brought baked goods for him and his family.


A testament to their success, he says, is that about 95 per cent of clients are referral or repeat – while he is quick to point out that the other five per cent simply choose at some point to move their funds towards another investment or personal use.


“That’s a good feeling, that it’s a 95 per cent turnaround. People put a lot of respect into our strategies through experience."


It’s not an easy task to ensure all involved in the process are happy, and certainly not simple juggling all of the moving parts, but Allen has the experience and know-how to do it with ease.


“I’m in it to please the investor, to please the borrower; to please all parties from the lawyer, to the insurance company, to myself and my partner,” he notes. “Because I’m looking out for everyone’s best interest, everyone enjoys success.”


And (at least) 95 per cent of clients are likely to back that statement.


Dave Gordon  has penned more than a thousand articles, and more than five hundred editorials, on every topic imaginable. He writes regularly on domestic and international politics, current events, culture, relationship issues, and much more.


He has spent time in the newsrooms of the Toronto Sun, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Baltimore Sun, National Post and eye Weekly.



Allen Azoulay

Investing Opportunities

Vice President & Head of Investor Relations,


1880 O’Connor Dr Toronto,

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