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CORY BUDOVITCH, Financial Advisory "Trusted By Busines


Tax and Estate Strategist Cory Budovitch of Budovitch Legacy Planning

My Business Magazine sat down with Tax and Estate Strategist Cory Budovitch of Budovitch Legacy Planning, to discuss his success and what is separating him from the rest of the industry. Cory was recognized this year as one of the Top producers in the country, winning an award as the Top Insurance Advisory in the GTA, and made a Top of the Table member of the Million Dollar Roundtable. Cory shared with us his insight and knowledge.

MBM: Cory your production and growth has grown year-over-year consistently – how are you able to maintain this?

CORY: Well, we have changed our scope of practice. Our focus is supporting high net worth business owners and families in strategizing and mitigating tax consequences. I have always said and felt that remuneration is a result of the value that you provide others. However, our primary focus is to impact our client’s financial future. We have a proprietary process that we follow, and the rest takes care of its self.

MBM: There have been a lot of changes to the financial services industry over the last few years, including the changes by the Federal Government, how does this impact your clients?

CORY: That is a great question, that I get asked often by my clients. The general feel is that the Liberal Government is leaning towards obtaining their tax money from business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs, lawyers and doctors. As such, insurance products and solutions work extremely effective in this current financial environment. We create structures that allow our clients to have minimal impact by these outside changes. This allows our clients to keep more of their hard-earned money for themselves and their families.

MBM: What exactly separates you from everyone else in the Insurance/Financial Service Industry?

CORY: What separates me is my ability to focus directly on the client’s circumstances. Every client has a concern, and we focus on their individual problems and navigate how best to resolve them. We have strategic Partners that we are aligned with and together we create unique structures to help resolve our client’s problems. We have a good understanding of our clients needs, as such we have had the opportunity to create structures to fulfill the needs of each particular client.

"Everything starts with listening to what your clients, dreams, fears, and concerns are, and then from there we blue print and create structures."

MBM: The Liberal Government is set to make some significant changes. What impact do you think this will have on your clientele?

CORY: Well, again the Liberal Government based on their mandate appears to be after resources. Every year the Federal Budget comes out with an announcement and there is much fear and trepidation based on legislative changes. What I do notice, is that it is never as bad as most experts predict it will be. We can’t control what changes the government sets forth, we can only react and adapt to those changes. We focus on creating structures, to enhance our client’s bottom line given these tax and financial adjustments. My self, my team and my resources of tax professionals will always be able to create solutions that put our clients in more favourable financial positions. Our sole focus has always been and always will be our Client’s Bottom Line.

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