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Having movie stars like Lindsay Lohan in his entourage isn’t the only thing that can enhance Emir Bahadir’s frequent trips across the world.

The jet-setting Turkish CEO who starred in the TV series Rich Kids of Instagram travels far and travels often, using the emerging travel company Executive Flights for his bookings. “Due to my busy schedule and meetings all over the world, Executive Flights is always able to get me the best deals out there,” he said.

Emir Bahadir

The young start-up is headed by Torontonian Yosef Rosenzweig and for those who are committed to the comfort and luxury of higher class travel, it offers an easy-to-use option to finding deals that customers would be unable to get online. For this reason the company has succeeded in gaining clientele from across the world, including a thrilled Bahadir.

To Rosenzweig, finding the cheapest business and first class tickets available is something like a competitive sport - albeit a sport that he competes mostly against himself and a sport that he wins time and time again. Since 2011, the young entrepreneur and his growing team have excelled at finding the right flight on the right airline for the right client, while beating out any quoted online price by margins of 20 to 40 percent.

“It’s really fun to be able to find someone a specifically great deal for their luxury travel while ensuring that the timing and convenience all fit exactly to the client’s needs,” said Rosenzweig.



“I see it to be our duty to go through the necessary process to make sure that when I promise someone the best deal out there, they get the best deal out there.”

With a simple email describing when and where you want to travel, Rosenzweig’s team launches into a full-on investigation to find the best flight, cheapest fare, and most comfortable seat. As Malaysian businesswoman and Executive Assistant to the CEO of iCarAsia, Grace Ngai Wai Yee, told us: “[Executive Flights offers] prompt responses, detailed, and with suggested cheaper flight options. I'll definitely recommend Executive Flights.”

The simplicity of the process and the customer service they provide along the way has also impressed Jaime Fuller, the Australian Executive Chairman of Skins Compression Clothing.

"Yosef and the team at Executive Flights are geniuses - no other way to word this,” he said. “My travel schedule is a nightmare and they not only get the job done brilliantly but do so in the nicest and friendliest way possible. This means a great deal to me as I like to do business with people who I like, not just those that offer excellent value for money - which, of course, they also most definitely do. I recommend Executive Flights to all my friends and business colleagues without reservation."

It is the unbeatable prices and friendly service that has ensured that the company’s clients keep coming back and can’t seem to recommend this company enough. Largely through word-of-mouth endorsements, Executive Flights has grown exponentially over its short six years, expanding globally to include representatives in the U.S., Australia, and Israel, and a satellite office in the U.K. In fact, in order to handle the growing number of clients from the Australian region and to work on continued expansion, Mick Nadalin has recently joined the Executive Flights family to act as the ambassador for the Australian division of the company. The businessman has spent years immersed in the Australian luxury lifestyle and offers a deep understanding of sales, business strategy, and business development. “We are extremely excited about the continued expansion of our company and are confident that Mick will strongly enhance our business growth,” said Rosenzweig. “His passion for the industry and his business

know-how has already given our company a giant boost in the right direction.”

The consistent positive feedback from diverse and widespread clients points to something truly remarkable and exciting going on in an industry that had been left for dead since companies like Priceline and Expedia revolutionized online and automated flight bookings. The company is projected to continue to soar throughout 2018, even as travel agencies continue to falter and fade. Their numbers and growth speak for themselves as indicators of their success and ability to enhance the experience of travelers from all over the world. Executive Flights has managed to find a niche and provide a service that had been heretofore overlooked.

“People are always surprised to learn that we have found a way to succeed in this industry in this day and age,” said Rosenzweig.

“But to me it’s quite simple. We spend our energy on finding people great deals while providing them with friendly service and stress-free interactions. We like and value our clients and they in turn like and value us.”

Perhaps it is this last aspect that truly makes this company so unique.

Mendy Shlomo has penned hundreds of articles, and editorials.

He writes regularly on business and international politics and current events.

Executive Flights

Office: US: 347-983-9454 AUS:02-8091-1612

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