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JEROME M. GOLDSHLAGER, B.Sc.,MBA., LL.B. Barrister & Solicitor "DOWN TO EART


Jerome Goldshlager runs what he calls a client-centric legal practice — with the goal to demonstrate that he’s personally available and dedicated to assist in his clients’ real estate, wills & estates matters.

“When clients have questions or concerns, they deal directly with me. That’s on all aspects of my practice, whether it’s questions or concerns regarding

real estate transactions - including a purchase, sale or refinancing of a property - corporate matters or wills and estates,” he explains.

This is in contrast, he says, to many lawyers who delegate communication as well as meetings to the lawyer’s secretary, the lawyer’s clerk, a junior lawyer or someone else in the offi ce. “My clients are paying for my services, paying for me, and so they get me.”

When looking to retain a lawyer, it is extremely important, Goldshlager added, that the lawyer is someone who is down to Earth, and will guide you through all of the necessary steps of the legal issue. These are traits that he prides himself on.

“It’s similar to going to a mechanic: If my mechanic speaks to me in mechanic jargon about my car, I don’t have the faintest idea what the heck he or she is talking about. But if my mechanic can explain to me what the issue is, all right, well, now I really know.

"No one wants to hire a lawyer they can't have a conversation with, or feels uncomfortable with. When I speak to clients, I don't speak in legalese. I discuss and explain things to them on a level so that they can understand."

”Another example of client-centric service is when Goldshlager is retained to do a title search review, a review of an Agreement of Purchase and Sale or a mortgage review,he will forward it to his clients by email in advance so they can review and know exactly what they'll be signing, as well as able to deal with any issues ahead of time.

"My clients have often told me that I make things easy to understand for them, and I always thought that was a great compliment," he says.

Moreover, many are also impressed with Goldshlager's well-rounded educational experiences, which have shown not only a breadth of knowledge, but also the ability to hone critical thinking skills in a variety of subject matter.

Prior to receiving his law degree from the University of Western Ontario, he graduated with his MBA from the Shulich School of Business at York University, where he majored in Marketing with a double-minor in Finance and Environmental Studies. He holds an undergraduate degree from University of Toronto, with a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and Biophysics.

He subsequently began his legal career as an associate at the firm Mostyn and Mostyn as a real estate and corporate lawyer fifteen years ago, and very soon afterward, he launched his own practice.

In that time span, his expertise has been tapped as a speaker at real estate seminars geared towards first time buyers, as well as sellers of real estate, explaining the complexities in buying and selling a residential property.

What has contributed to him being as a highly reputable and respected lawyer are his easy-going manner, relatibility, knowledge-base, skill and

his client-centric ethos.

"Those principles go a long way in explaining why many of my clients come to me from word to mouth - agents, real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, and existing clientele, who will refer their friends, family or clients to me," notes Goldshalger.

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