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JEREMY PILARSKI HOMES; "Fast Paced, Results Oriented Service"



With nearly a home sold each week, it’s no surprise that Jeremy Pilarski and his team have earned an array of accolades, including the 2016 Re/Max Chairman’s Club representing the top 2% of Re/Max agents, and an induction into the Re/Max Hall of Fame in 2010.

For nearly fifteen years, Jeremy has not only built a reputation for patience in understanding his clients needs, but also for using in depth market analysis to engineer a plan to achieve their goals. Together with his team, they are taking on the real estate world and winning!

My Business Magazine caught up with the guys to ask them about what they are doing differently in this volatile market, and how you can reach your real estate goals.

MBM: How did you get into real estate?

Jeremy: I came to the business with a family background.My dad and uncle started Re/Max Realtron in 1985. As long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in the business. From hanging out in my dad’s office as a kid to listening in on his calls, I’ve always been passionate about it. Now I’m passionate about selling houses, but also about helping other agents grow their business. That’s part of the reason we have a team. Jordan joined me in 2013 so that we could provide our clients with better service, but working together in a team environment has been really personally rewarding. Shane joined the team in 2015. As a group we can market our listings more effectively and tailor our approach to best serve our clients.

MBM: What about what you do, in particular, stands out? Why would people choose you over a thousand realtors?

Jeremy: As a team, we are able to serve our agents better. We can do everything in house. Whether it’s two showings at different ends of the city, or several open houses in the same weekend, we always have the right person for the job. And we can rely on each others experience when rare situations arise.

Also, I got into the business around 2003. It was a really good time because it was just as buyers and sellers started to be able to use the internet for property searches. There are those agents who were around before the internet that use older strategies,and those newer agents who rely heavily on the internet. I am lucky enough to be able to navigate between both worlds.

MBM: Could you give me an example of old and new strategies?

Jeremy: The old school is really a mentality. Many newer agents forget that this is a face to face business. It’s about meeting people and engaging. But of course, if your home isn’t marketed on the internet aggressively, you aren’t going to maximize the price.

MBM: What has been common with potential clients about what they want to know these days? Typically, what are their initial questions?

Jeremy: The big thing right now is that we’re in volatile times. Prices don’t go up 3 percent and down 3 percent. The prices can go wildly up, and then the market could change in a heartbeat. So, people want to know what’s happening in the market, and how to price properties from a seller’s point of view to get the most out of their house, and to get over asking price.

From a buyer’s point of view, people want to know: how do you win in multiple offers? How do you make sure your offer’s the best one, but you’re not overpaying? And the fear of selling before buying, or buying before selling, has paralyzed a lot of people.

We have the experience and specialized knowledge to navigate through this.

MBM: Describe what a buyer most needs to know.

Jeremy: It’s all about being prepared. You have to have your mortgage in place, you have to understand what neighborhood's you’re looking at, what type of property you’re buying. Because when the right property comes, you’re going to have to act right away. So, you have to really understand the market before you get started. I find most people think that the buying process begins with seeing houses. I think the buying process begins with understanding what you want, and then getting someone’s help who’s a professional in the industry who can tell you how to get it.

The most important thing we do is listen. Once we understand what you want, finding it is easy.

MBM: What do you do, in particular, to increase your professional learning, and professional development?

Jeremy: Constantly taking courses, reading what people are doing, looking online at what people are doing. I attend the Re/Max Convention in Las Vegas just about every year. It’s a great way to learn what people in North America – and the world – are doing to succeed in their marketplaces. I bring it back home to Toronto and build on what we have.

MBM: You have a team with you – tell me about the team.

Jeremy: It is myself, Jordan Glaser and Shane Giddens.

We all complement each other’s strengths and skills.

We find that, when you’re working as a team, you always shave someone to rely on that knows what’s happening. When you hire one of us, you hire all of us. Usually, we don’t have to go any farther than our team to get the answer to a question we have.

MBM: What’s something important you want your clients to know?

Jeremy: I think it really starts with knowing the market and understanding what’s happening with the market.

In different markets, different strategies work in terms of pricing properties, in terms of presenting offers. We spend a lot of time analyzing what really works, and we’re not afraid to change what we’re doing to match up with what works.You have to be nimble when you’re creating plans because things change so fast. To be able to adapt to the market is very important. We’re really interested in making sure that our clients understand what they need to do to make the buy or sell a success. We are committed to making the right deal for our clients, and there’s nothing more satisfying than visiting a happy client in their new home and seeing a smile on their face.

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