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Amanda Neves

Fouteen years ago Amanda Neves found her calling in the field of personal injury law at Strype Injury Lawyers.

As a young university graduate she was trained by Jeff Strype to understand that an excellent personal injury lawyer is one who acts fearlessly on behalf of his client to obtain all the benefits the client deserves. “He trained me as an advocate to get the best results. This is no easy task.”

“I understood from my earliest days that the insurance environment is weighted heavily in favour of the insurance companies. It takes great skill and

perseverance to advocate successfully for one’s client.”

Today Amanda is a licensed paralegal with a growing history of satisfied clients. Her focus is on accident benefit claims which provide immediate financial relief to an injured plaintiff .

“In every case we maximize our team effort to achieve the best result,”

Neves notes.

On a day to day basis, her work comprises of a broad range of tasks, requiring finely honed expertise.

She has represented firm clients who are filing or appealing Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) or Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)

claims, informing clients about their rights under Statutory Accident Benefi ts (SABS).

“I have an interest in understanding and solving the medical issues experienced by our clients and helping them interface with every government system available to them to bring a claim to a successful conclusion,” she says.

She also has vast experience in conducting meditations and arbitrations.

“Every client has significant concerns dealing with their financial losses that inevitably arise from a traumatic injury. I am always empathetic to my clients’situation and circumstances, and I make sure they are reassured that they won’t lose everything they have worked so hard to build in their lives.”

Determined, ambitious, respected, and most of all personable, she prides herself on these qualities which her clients greatly appreciate.

“I enjoy dealing with people, and I enjoy the competitive environment that is always intellectually stimulating,” she adds.These are among the many reasons why you want Amanda Neves of Strype Injury Lawyers on your side.

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