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Adrian Nicolini is a founding and managing partner of Younan Nicolini Law Group. Adrian and his partner David Younan, honed their respective legal tools and skills at separate large downtown Toronto law firms.

While practicing at his previous firm, Adrian built a reputation as a

versatile advocate who specialized in catastrophic personal injury

claims ( including traumatic brain injuries, concussions, significant

fractures and tears, paraplegia, amputations and fatalities ), professional negligence matters and complex product liability actions. David gained in-depth transnational and litigation experience in Real Estate and Corporate/ Commercial law.

In May 2015, David and Adrian established Younan Nicolini Law Group (YNLG). “David and I are kindred spirits. We practice in entirely different areas (Adrian in Personal Injury. David on Corporate / Commercial Law and Real Estate), but we share the same philosophy on client satisfaction. We both value fearless advocacy, professionalism, and hard work.”

Today, YNLG has offices in Toronto and Vaughan. The firm combines the expertise and professionalism typically associated with a large full-service firm, with the cost-efficiency and personal touch of a boutique practice.

From as far back as he can remember, Adrian has always wanted to be a litigator and actively sought out every possible opportunity to refine his courtroom skills. At Osgoode Hall Law School, he entered a number of oral advocacy competitions, finishing as a finalist in several of those. “I really enjoyed the mix of adrenaline and excitement that came along with trying to persuade someone through the presentation of an argument. Advocacy stimulates on so many levels. It’s intellectual. So, it should appeal to logic and reason. But an effective advocate also utilizes tools like tone and style and appeals to emotion. I caught the oral advocacy bug, and have enjoyed litigating ever since” Adrian says.

Interestingly, Adrian began his legal career by defending insurance companies against personal injury claims. Today, he often finds himself on the other side of the table, advocating for those who have been injured and are seeking compensation. Since he spent so much of his legal career defending the insurance companies, he can better anticipate the issues and arguments that will be raised by the other side. He hopes that this strategic ability to view the file from both sides of the bench the scale in his clients’ favour.

Adrian loves being in court. He has successfully represented clients in the Superior Court of Justice, the Divisional Court of Ontario and the Ontario Court of Appeal. He has participated in multi-week jury trials and trials with a judge alone. He has also represented Clients at Coroner’s Inquests and appeared at countless tribunal hearings before the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal, the Social Security Tribunal and the Law Society of Upper Canada.“I don’t shy away from challenges, I embrace them. The easiest way to grow as a professional is to put yourself in situations where you’re testing your limits and even feel slightly uncomfortable.” he says.

Adrian truly enjoys the more interpersonal aspect of his profession as well. Personal Injury practice focuses on the intimate details of people’s lives.

“My clients are especially vulnerable. They often find themselves in situations where their injuries prevent them from earning a living. That can negatively impact their life in a multitude of ways, and my job is often to just sit, listen and try to empathize. Once the listening is done, however, then it’s my responsibility to devise a plan of attack. How can we ameliorate their situation? That’s my role, and it’s one that I truly relish.”

One of Adrian’s priorities as an advocate is access. Personal injury matters often take years to resolve. Personal injury clients need to know that their counsel will not only advocate for them, but that they will remain a priority for the duration of the process. “I pride myself on my accessibility. I try and interact with my client at all stages. The person they call to give updates on the telephone is the same person that works on the logistics of their file, explains the legal frame work their case is in, and who passionately advocates for them. My clients really appreciate the fact that they always have my ear and my personal cell phone number,” Adrian says.

The only thing that supersedes his commitment to his work is Adrian’s commitment to his family. Adrian has been happily married to his wife Asha for nine years. They have three young, boisterous children – Arianna (5 years old), Tristan (3 years old) and Claudia (One year old). “Family life is both my refuge and my motivation.There’s nothing better than coming home to a father’s welcome after a long day at work. It’s definitely rejuvenating, and rewarding” says Adrian.

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