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Mark Rotstein is the Founder of Equilibrium Partners Inc. (EQ Partners). He established the company to bring the same level of objective, unbiased and integrated advice normally reserved for the uber wealthy to a broader and more diverse group of families, individuals and family-owned businesses.

Similar to a quarterback, coach or advisor, EQ Partners help upwardly mobile families to manage their day-to- day obligations, and to anticipate and to prepare for, transitions and changes in their family or financial circumstances. A relationship with a trusted advisor provides the confidence and comfort that, in the event of a life-altering event, there is someone in place that understands the personalities involved and the unique family dynamic.

Clients value professional and discreet relationships with advisors who listen, who care, and whom they trust. Mark and EQ Partners have received many client testimonials that attest to their ability to make a measurable difference.

“ Thanks Mark for your incredible patience and direction. For the very first time since my separation, I feel like I have a plan and that I am in control of my affairs. You helped guide me through a very difficult time and always kept me focused. My boys and I are fortunate to have you on our side, not just as an advisor, but more important, as a trusted friend. You really have become part of the family. ”

Before establishing his company, Mark did a great deal of research and even some soul searching.“I felt that there was a void in the level of professional and holistic advice available to people with more modest means. This was exacerbated when they were required to pay high fees for cookie cutter advice. These families require just as much (and often more) help as do high net worth families, especially when it comes to deciding next steps and managing life cycle events like marriage, building a business,divorce, job loss, death of spouse, birth of children or grandchildren etc. I founded EQ Partners to redress this imbalance,” he adds.

Mark established his Family Office in 2012. During our interview, he joked that his experience in the financial services sector and his educational background prepared him to be a ‘specialist at being a generalist.’ It also helped him to identify when other professionals should be consulted,including for example, when an EQ Partners client wants to sell the family business, raise venture capital, or plan their estate. Mark believes he is very good at spotting any holes in his clients’ affairs. He works with his clients’ advisors or can access his own network of previously vetted colleagues (accountants, portfolio managers, insurance professionals and lawyers), to fill them.

Do clients’ receive value? Mark has many testimonials that suggest they do, including, “I’m grateful to have you and all your many fine qualities assisting me and my family. You are always so thoughtful, helpful,understanding and wise. Now if only you could do hair…Working with you gives me peace of mind and that’s a very good feeling…Knowing we have you in our corner is more of a comfort than I can express and your personal support has been most meaningful. I just wanted you to know that when you set out to make a difference in the lives of families, you succeeded.”

Most people don’t usually think their dentists, doctors and veterinarians are trying to sell them something, but they often are. Perhaps the dentist casually mentioned their office manager had picked up a couple boxes of electric toothbrushes at a trade show that he or she could sell you for a good price; or during your last check up your doctor mentioned that he or she had expanded their practice to include Botox, or a special line of organic vitamins.

Maybe your vet suggested that you book your pet’s next appointment in three month’s time, rather than in six. People trying to sell us something surround most of us. However, it is important to remember that if the person recommending the product or service is likely to benefit from the sale, or receives an incentive to do so, he or she has a conflict of interest.

If you do not have your own set of specialist advisers, how do you access unbiased counsel? Just find someone who does not tie his or her advice to a specific product or service. EQ Partner’s uses the tagline, ‘We sit on your side of the table.’ The company does not sell any products, are not obligated to work with specific suppliers, and are not compensated for their recommendations and referrals. EQ Partners is proud of the fact that they are focused on delivering solutions that serve their clients’ best interests, rather than their own.“

I believe that our business model is an honest and ethical one. Our interests are 100% aligned with the families with whom we work. We don’t have any products to sell and we don’t receive fees, kickbacks or commissions when referring our clients to other professionals,” Mark says.

“Because of our connections and relationships, we can usually save our clients enough in fees to more than cover our annual retainer. This, ofcourse, is in addition to the added value clients receive from the attention, advice and care provided by the EQ Partners team. At the end of the year, if any client thinks he or she has overpaid, we renegotiate the retainer for the following year. And, because we are focused on building long-term relationships, we are prepared to earn our clients’ trust, to consistently demonstrate our integrity and transparency, and to practice open communication,” Mark adds.

Prior to founding Equilibrium Partners Inc. Mark led a team of professionals managing over $500 million of private client assets, and broadly focused o all aspects of a client’s financial affairs. He has a B.Sc (Honours) degree from the University of Toronto and an M.B.A. degree from the Schulich School of Business at York University. Mark is also a professional member of the Family Firm Institute (FFI) and the Institute of Family Enterprise Advisors.

Mark is married with three children. Together with his wife, Melanie,

they are actively involved in their community; in particular, taking on significant responsibilities in their children’s schools and co-curricular activities.

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Mark Rotstein, Founder 2 St.Clair Avenue East Suite 800 Toronto, Ontario M4T 2T5

Direct – 416-644-4958

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