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Meet the owners of Albert Gelman Inc.,the up-and-comers in the world of insolvency.

With decades of experience, the professionals of Albert Gelman

Inc. (AGI), a boutique southern Ontario based company,

specializing in insolvency and restructuring, know exactly how

to provide a fresh start to individuals and companies who are

struggling with debt and decreased revenue.

AGI and its Licensed Insolvency Trustees, are federally

licensed and recognized to accept appointments under the

insolvency and reorganization statutes of Canada, including

the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, Companies Creditors

Arrangement Act and Courts of Justice Act. AGI is also

recognized to accept appointments under the Construction Lien Act,

Business Corporations Act, and Fraudulent Conveyances Act in

matters involving, Construction Lien Trustees, shareholder disputes,

corporate wind-ups and forensic investigations. As a result of their

strong understanding of these statutes, the professionals at AGI are not only capable of strategically handling any situation your clients may encounter, but are heavily involved in the education of professionals, such as lawyers, accountants and advisers, regarding preventative measures for your future clients.

AGI’s professionals all have experience in many industries. Joe

Albert, a co-founder of AGI explains, “We think like entrepreneurs,

because we are entrepreneurs. This fact coupled with our experience

in many industries and customer groups, allows us to create and

implement out of the box solutions.

"We bring these types of solutions to the table on an everyday basis which has allowed us to develop strong relationships with professionals that refer business to us.”

When asked to name one of the industries hit hardest by increased

income tax collections by the Canada Revenue Agency, and how AGI

was able to successfully negotiate settlements, Bryan Gelman, AGI’s

managing director and co-founder, indicates that he has seen a rise in the insolvencies filed by medical professionals.

“I will give you an example of a doctor re-assessed, leaving her

with a substantial income tax debt that she could not afford to pay.

Ultimately, through the filing of a proposal with our company, we

were able to significantly reduce the amount payable against the debt, to an affordable monthly payment over a 5 year period of time. It’s not always five years, but in this case, it was,” he notes.

“Most importantly, this individual was able to keep practicing

and assisting her patients. The benefit for this doctor is that she

understands what her payments will be, and knows that she can afford them through the budgeting process that we go through. The last thing we want is for someone to commit to a plan that they can’t afford. We figure out a straight forward solution for the individual, and we implement it right away.”


Head Office:

100 SIMCOE STREET, Suite 125


416 504 1650 ext.115


BRYAN GELMAN,CIRP, Licensed Insolvency Trustee

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