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Shaun Jalili, CEO and President of Platinum Automotive

Group, specializes in pairing luxury life -styles with luxurious cars - and the service to match.

It’s a showroom that dreams are made of: BMWs, Porsches, Maseratis. An Aston Martin, a Lamborghini Gallardo, a Rolls Royce Phantom. And Shaun Jalili wants to turn those dreams into reality.

Jalili says that service is his number one priority at his North York dealership, Platinum Cars. And he aims to go above and beyond what other dealerships offer.

“I’ve put my heart and soul into luxury auto mobiles and the lifestyle they represent. I also put my heart and soul into everyone who walks into the door. Everything is all about top of the line service. The point is to serve customers with excellence and I do that instinctively," he says.

Jalili developed his business acumen as the owner of a successful chain of Double Double Pizza and Chicken, started in 1991, that grew to 130 locations.

Molding that with a lifelong love for fine cars, in 2004 he created a dealership that would fill a niche in the industry. The combination of the two careers helped him understand customers’ wants and needs.

He noticed that other dealers failed to develop relationships with their clients,

and were solely interested in moving merchandise – an attitude that didn’t

jive with the level of service he expected.

With a clientele that includes athletes, celebrity chefs and businessmen, Platinum Cars gets 80 percent of its business through referrals.

Jalili’s goal is to create loyal customers by offering unparalleled service and

building trust – his white glove service. In fact, Platinum Cars offers the client

a broad range of benefits to doing business with them, including in-house financing and custom leasing plans – and has even fulfilling requests for car detailing, storage and transportation, and oil changes.

Staff can locate rare vehicles on international markets for customers, and

even help with late-night car trouble. Indeed, Platinum service doesn’t end

when the car is driven off the lot.

“Yes, we’ve gotten calls at odd hours of the night when something went wrong with the car, and we’ve always been there, eagerly, to help solve the issue.” Highly trained staff help customers find cars that will fit both their desires and their needs; doing so requires them

to know cars, and also know the customer’s personality to find the right fit.

“I’ve developed the intuition to really get to know what car is the one for them. This is a big purchase and an important decision.”

It isn’t just about making the customer happy when they get their new car,

but also ensuring that they don’t regret a lease or purchase down the road.

“This is really about people and getting to know who they are and what their

wants are,” he says.

For example, sometimes resale value is a consideration, or how much the customer’s family will be travelling. Over half of Platinum’s clients are families,

so those needs must be taken into consideration.

They keep between 80 and 100 cars in the indoor showroom, and about half

the customers want help sourcing other cars.

“All in all, we are a company that is all about trust, taking good care of you

and ensuring that the fine car you drive home with will make you smile for a

very long time.”

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60 Martin Ross Ave,

North York, ON M3J 2L4

Phone: 1 888 231- 1035

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