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Success can be achieved in different ways, dependent on a person’s

point of view; economic success, intellectual, reputation, or

achievement. It’s a complicated idea, often subjective, comprised of goals

accomplished and benchmarks attained – but also challenges overcome, and growth realized. What the team at the KRMC law firm illustrates

is that many brands of success surround them; culminating from a combination of factors including longevity, referrals, skills, experience,

respect – and of course, appreciation from their clients.

It all started when KRMC’s two most senior lawyers, Jules Kronis and Jack Rotsztain, became law partners. Six years later, Andrea Margles and Bruce Cappel joined the partnership, filling out the initials of “KRMC”. Thirty years

later, the firm boasts a team of approximately 140 skilled lawyers, law clerks and specialized support staff. KRMC touts itself as the largest and most successful law firm in North York, with a satellite office in downtown Toronto.

The large range of staff and lawyers allows for multi- cultural diversity, enabling them to serve clients in at least twenty languages.

That has been among one of many advantages in attracting individuals and

businesses both large and small, including prominent multinational corporations, who have come to appreciate KRMC’s service, value, expertise and results. Specialties include banking litigation, bankruptcy, business law,

civil fraud litigation, employment law, family law, insurance defense litigation, personal injury and insurance litigation, real estate and leasing; and wills, estates and trusts.

From the complicated to the conventional, from the unique to the straight- forward, KRMC has confidently tackled a gamut of files. In an example of the firm’s range, Phil Cho, one of the firm’s litigation lawyers, won an eye-opening and unique case recently in the Ontario Superior Court. He represented one of the largest manufacturers of commercial refrigeration and air conditioning

products in North America. His client hired a US-based transportation company to transport materials worth more than $220,000 US from

its supplier’s facility in Mexico to Ontario. The trucks carrying the materials to Ontario were hijacked by gunpoint in Mexico and the transportation company refused to cover the loss of goods in Mexico. But Cho prevailed, obtaining a judgement for the firm’s client for the full amount claimed.

Here at home, the firm has acted for three of the five major banks for at least two decades to oversee a variety of cases, including fraud, collections, creditors’ rights, mortgage enforcement and powers of sale, and commercial banking,including mortgage financing. This work, proudly explains Rotsztain, is the target of envy among other firms. “It says a lot about our results and the work we’ve done.” Why this occurs isn’t just a blend of experience and expertise; it’s also about their deep respect for the client. “One way to understand our business, our practice, and our culture is that our clients feel good about meeting us. We listen, have an open mind, and we’re very proactive. And we work the file immediately,” says Rotsztain.

Indeed, partner A. Mitchell Schachter further notes that it’s not just that clients feel welcomed, but also how a vast number of them have stayed with the firm over long periods of time. “I’ve had repeat clients since I’ve been here,” says Schachter, who has the distinction of having argued the Financial Services Commission first no-fault insurance arbitration after it was introduced in 1990. Paul F. Resnick, partner, concurs emphatically. “We’ve had such long relationships with clients.We get to know them, so it’s not just ‘how are you, see you!’I’d say most of my clients are referrals of referrals, which is the best flattery.” And it’s not just respect from clients that they’ve earned, but the “wide admiration, and referrals from other lawyers in the city," adds Schachter.

Speaking engagements, professional

development and lectures

Evidence of that earned respect extends to when the team is called upon to tap their vast knowledge in public forums, with a variety of lectures and talks to trade associations.

One such recent example includes Resnick’s

fourth invitation to speak at Designers Walk, a resource centre for interior decorators.

Schachter has given seminars to paralegals and lawyers, both live and on the web, on professional development, personal injury and accident benefits, among others.

Bruce Cappel has spoken to the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA) where he is a member. In November, he’ll be speaking at the Receivables Management Association of Canada (RMA). Cappel regularly gives presentations to clients at their facilities on various topics of interest to them.

In addition, Natalie Derbyshire, an Associate in the Family Law department, is a member of the Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario (FDRIO) and a certified Collaborative Family Law Lawyer. In November, as part of Family Dispute Resolution Week, she’ll be speaking about the Collaborative Family Law process being an

alternative to court.

Community and charitable support

For all that it gives to colleagues and clients, KRMC also believes in the importance of giving back to the community – and they do so in an assortment of ways.

KRMC in July was the major sponsor for the third annual Meaghan McCarthy Golf Classic, at the Angus Glen Golf Club in Markham. One of the

firm’s managers, Dean McCarthy, lost his five year old daughter, Meaghan, in 2011 to a rare form of cancer, Rhabdomyosarcoma. In Meaghan’s honour,

the firm has been a main sponsor of the event since its start, helping to raise money for the Rhabdo Research Department at the Hospital for Sick Children.

Meanwhile, several partners give of their time and resources to a number of good causes. Jules Kronis, for example, is president of Boys Town Jerusalem – an educational institution in Israel for immigrants and disadvantaged. He is

also involved in Israel Bonds.

Additionally, Phil Cho is active in the Korean community, raising awareness of North Korean defectors, and is involved in other philanthropic efforts within the Korean community.

If success were measured solely by financial means, KRMC would be known as a hugely successful firm. But when other facets are taken into account – the respect the firm holds in the community, the close relationships with clients and the community, to name but a few – KRMC finds itself head and

shoulders above the crowd.

Dave Gordon has penned more than a thousand articles, and more than five hundred editorials, on every topic imaginable. He writes regularly on domestic and international politics, current events, culture, relationship issues, and much more.

He has spent time in the newsrooms of the Toronto Sun, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Baltimore Sun, National Post and eye Weekly.

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