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In 1964, my parents immigrated to Canada.

They were desperate to overcome financial and political strife. Their struggles didn’t end upon arrival. I was born a few years later. As a child, I recall hearing my parents talk about their hardships and how

they wished they were educated, established and held a prominent position in society.

That dream could not be achieved by them.

But they began encouraging me to achieve in school. By high school, my parents began convincing me to become a dentist. It was their view that dentists earned a good living. After Grade 10, I worked as

a summer intern at a dental office, later studied science in university and wrote the Dental Admissions Test. At age 21, I was

accepted into dental school. But something wasn’t right. Was I really going to spend the rest of my working life inside peoples’ mouths ?

During my summers, I ran sun-glass kiosks on the streets of downtown earning upwards of $500 a day. I loved dealing with people, negotiating, persuading and, in the end, making the sale. On a lark, I applied to law school, but forgot about it. Two weeks after I decided to defer dental school and return to university to study business, I received a call from law school offering me a spot. I had to make a decision right away. The rest, as they say, is history.

Every day since I graduated from law school, I help families through separation and divorce; I help parents make better decisions for their

children; I negotiate with fellow lawyers; and in many of my cases, I attempt to persuade a judge with my oral and written arguments. Most importantly, as a lawyer,I have done what my parents could not do– become educated, overcome financial hardship and hold a prominent position in society.

I dedicate this piece to my parents who I love dearly.

Benmor Family Law Group

Barristers and Solicitors

1836 Bathurst Street, (2 blocks south of Eglinton Avenue) Toronto, Ontario M5P 3K7

Phone: (416) 489-8890, Fax: (416) 489-8852

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