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Landmark Capital is a fully licensed mortgage brokerage company that provides lending solutions and mortgage investment opportunities to its investors. The sister company, Landmark Devco, is the

company’s real estate development arm.

Landmark’s financing and development portfolio includes the adaptive reuse of historically significant structures, townhouse complexes and commercial plazas in areas that are both under served and that are ripe for development. Recent, completed projects include financing projects for the towns at

Bathurst Heights and Riverdale in Toronto. On the development side, Dave is currently working out the details on a new prime location in Bradford, Ontario.

The Landmark investment model allows both large and small investors to, “Be the Bank” or, in the case of the development company to, “Be the Owner.” Historically, only high net worth individuals were able to participate in these types of mortgage financing and development projects.

Investors’ names and participation percentages provide security and are

included on all mortgage and/or title documents.

Collectively, the culturally diverse Landmark team brings over one hundred

years of expertise in real estate financing and property development. The depth and breadth of this experience allows the team to examine, to scrutinize and to select opportunities that live up to its commitment to maximize returns and minimize risk. At Landmark, maximizing returns and minimizing risk is more than an empty marketing

promise or a catchy slogan. The company is hard-wired to earn its clients

the maximum amount of money in the shortest period of time.

An eight percent (8%) return is welcome at any time, and especially in

today’s low interest rate environment. In addition to an exhaustive due

diligence process, the 8% return distinguishes Landmark from its

competitors – the company only invests in mortgage and development projects that will earn a minimum annual return of 8% and often as much as 12% for its investors. Moreover, capital is returned very quickly, usually within three to five years.

The company’s in-depth, due diligence vetting process ensures a specific site will support the projected rate of return. Before Dave Martino, one of the Founding Partners and the current Chief Executive Officer recommends a property for mortgage investment or development, he studies the proposed plans and talks with city planners, engineers, and other relevant jurisdictional authorities.

This extra step identifies any site- specific anomalies and constraints (e.g.

setbacks or the number of units that can actually be built on a specific site).

If the numbers and the site realities don’t match, Dave walks away from

the opportunity. Given these exacting investment criteria, it is easy to see why

Landmark’s biggest challenge is finding enough suitable investment products.

The Landmark group of companies wants investors to know that they are

in it to win it – for the long term. The groups’ vision is to build a full service,

fully integrated mortgage financing and real estate organization that

include, among other things, insurance brokerage services. Dave and his

business partner Lorenzo Fahoum (with whom he founded Landmark in 2013)

are currently involved in a corporate re-branding exercise so that the

Landmark brand more closely reflects their progressive business approach.

Over the years, the work of Tony Robbins, an entrepreneur, philanthropist and the nation’s premier life and business strategist has inspired Dave. His formal education, personal research and progressively responsible on-the-ground experience, have also contributed to the development of his unique philosophy and approach to business.

There are two foundation themes that underpin everything Dave does. These are, “Time is money,” and, “Reward the client before rewarding yourself.”

These beliefs are reflected in the company pledge - to do whatever it takes to protect, to preserve and to create wealth for clients.

Long-term relationships and repeat clients are extremely important to Dave. Investor and client Steven M. says, “I’ve invested through Lorenzo and Dave for a while and their company has never missed an obligation.”

Kathleen V. has worked with the Landmark team on a variety of syndicate mortgage investments. She says, “They do good due diligence well on projects and I have very happy clients! They love the 8% secured investment returns.”

Dave is committed to life long learning and academic excellence. He has earned a Business Management Degree from Humber College, a Network Administrator Diploma from DeVry Institute of Technology Diploma, and has a Mortgage Broker’s license from the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO).

He has also completed the prestigious North American Dealers Academy course (only individuals that can demonstrate customer service, general management and sales excellence are invited to take the course). Notwithstanding his academic accomplishments and business

successes, Dave says that his two children are the achievements of which

he is the most proud.

“The Art of Selling, Mastering Influence,” is Dave’s first book. In it,

Dave identifies and explains the five proven steps that will help an individual

master every area of his or her life. The topic of personal mastery is just as hot a topic today as when the book was first published in 2008 and it is still the go-to resource in many large and small organizations.

Dave is often invited to speak to business audiences, province-wide.

At Landmark, he presents a monthly investment opportunity and investment

education seminar.

If you would like to attend an upcoming seminar, please email to express your interest.

When he is not working on the business or spending time with family,

Dave can be found lending his support to such worthy charities as The World

Partnership Walk, Relay for Life, and The Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Landmark Capital Ltd.

Mortgage Brokerage#12493

5145 Steeles Ave West. Entrance “A”

Ste 202/203 Toronto, Ontario M9L 1R5

Main – 647-499-1546

Fax – 647-792-1092

Suzen Fromstein is the author of Suits and Ladders, Ten Proven Ways to Keep Your Job Safe - with a few jokes thrown in. Suits and Ladders was an Amazon Best Selling Book in the Career Guides Category.

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