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After working and articling at two prestigious law

firms, Julia Melekhovets opened her own practice,

Melekhovets Law, and since that time has built a

solid reputation for the passion she has with her cases, and the

compassion she has for her clients.

Melekhovets Law provides a variety of legal services

in the areas of immigration law‚ criminal law and civil

litigation, including defamation, contract disputes, and real estate transaction disputes. A key principle for the firm is their dedication to employing effective strategies to meet clients’ various needs.

One such example is their keen appreciation that, for many,

being involved in legal issues can be a stressful and unfamiliar

process. As such, Melekhovets Law helps the client understand

the process every step of the way, and ensures that the client is

confident with the course of action taken to solve their problems.

My Business Magazine caught up with Julia to discuss what

makes her different, the challenges and her accomplishments.

MBM: How would you characterize yourself as a lawyer?

JULIA: It’s all about making sure your client never has second

thoughts about working with you.

I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of mistrust and negativity

towards lawyers in general, because a lot of people think that

lawyers are just out there to do their billable hours, and try to

drag proceedings out just so they make money. That’s not me.

What I want people to take from me is that I’m more interested

in the outcome. I’m more interested in my clients as people.

I have some corporate clients that call at 7am and 11pm, saying

“I’m stressed out about this and that.”

I take those calls. I’m dedicated to towards my clients, and

that’s how I’ve been able to build up so much trust.

MBM: What, to you, is the difference between a good

lawyer, and a great lawyer?

JULIA: A great lawyer is somebody who puts in the effort to make

sure the client gets the right result, in the minimum amount of


"There are three things I do when I strive to be a great lawyer: make sure there’s effective communication every step of the way, make sure we get the optimal results, and that the client spends the least amount of money."

Those are the clients that come back.

MBM: What is your biggest challenge?

JULIA: One of the most challenging things is you never really know

what will happen in court, what opposing counsel will say or do.

You have to think on your feet.

Also I look quite young, and people don’t always take me

seriously – it’s a stereotype that lawyers have to be men or

frumpy old women. It’s not about your age; it’s about your skills.

MBM: What are some boast-worthy accomplishments?

JULIA: When I started my practice I got a defamation file, suing a

company in the UK.

It was one of my first big corporate clients.

They came in with four lawyers, and it was incredible how much

they billed clients. On the plaintiff side it was just me, and I am

pretty happy about that.

It’s a big accomplishment winning against a big law fi rm.

Another one is a prominent client who has eight fi les with me,

and she’s stuck with me for three years.

She has said “Julia, I trust you, and I believe in you.” It’s

great to know that she’s confident I can help her more than

anyone can.

I haven’t won a medal for anything, but I can say that I have

helped some people in a decent human way.

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