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IF you own a Land Rover or Jaguar, Avo Demirjian, founder and owner of Westminster Motor Corporation, wants you to know you have options.

When it’s time to have routine maintenance, repairs or diagnostics performed, these luxury brand vehicles require a touch of expertise. All of which are provided in his boutique facility for personalized service.

At Westminster Motor Corporation, he touts certain unwavering assurances for the customer: trustworthiness, cost-effectiveness, the latest technology, and vast knowledge.

With every vehicle that is examined, time is taken to ensure that the client is shown a clear and concise report, along with their available options. This empowers the client with the correct information in order to decide on how to proceed. Avo Demirjian expanded on his company’s philosophy, and services, with MY BUSINESS MAGAZINE.

MB: What was the reason you opened the shop?

Avo: Formerly, I was the shop foreman for a well recognized Land Rover/ Jaguar dealership. It’s second nature to me; it’s in my blood, considering I come from a long line of automotive tradesman. Since 1978 my father has owned and operated his shop and still does so until this day.

In April, 2010, I decided to offer an alternative service solution for owners of these luxury brands. I always believed I had more to offer.

MB: How did you first bring the clients in?

Avo: When we first opened our doors, we basically turned the key and set everything up. We didn’t have an existing client base. Whether it’s a result of online reviews or word of mouth, good word has gotten around quite fast. The Jaguar and Land Rover community is close knit, and conversation always comes up about their various experiences. Our respectful approach speaks

for itself when Westminster is mentioned.

MB: What separates you from other service centers?

Avo: This is a common question we are asked by Landrover /Jaguar owners who are searching for dealer alternatives. Our response is very simple. Our passion for the brands allows us to give that extra special service that the vehicles require and the customers expect! We believe in a one-on-

one service where we aim to enlighten the customer with a clear and concise report for their vehicle at every visit.

Furthermore, our facility is equipped with brand specific special tools and diagnostic equipment specific to the Jaguar and Land Rover brands. We invest in the best and only the best. We do not use generic diagnostic equipment as you would find in most other independently owned facilities.

So when your vehicle requires repair or warranty approved maintenance, you can trust that genuine warranty-approved parts are installed along with competitive pricing and a thorough explanation of the process.

We are a team driven by our passion for the brand!

MB: Describe some of the things you take the most pride in?

Avo: We are not just another repair facility; above all we have a passion for the Landrover & Jaguar brands. Whether it’s routine service, engine replacements, programming or an electrical issue, we ensure it’s repaired right the first time.

In addition, we’re accredited by the CASIS Vehicle Security Professionals program. This accreditation allows us to legally provide our clientele with specific programming services such as key programming, which other independently owned facilities do not provide.

The Landrover & Jaguar Brand of vehicles require specific skills and training. Which is why our technicians are carefully selected as previous Jaguar and Land Rover factory trained technicians. and are continuously subjected to a vigorous in-house training procedure.

MB: How would you describe your customer service?

Avo: We pride ourselves on our personable approach with our clientele. We value each customer as if they were our only customer. And for this reason they sincerely value the relationship we’ve established. When they entrust us with their safety, this becomes a relationship that I don’t take

for granted. That level of service should meet and exceed their expectations every time.

We have customers that drop off their vehicles with us and say ‘fix it; do what you need to do, and I’ll come back tomorrow to pick it up”. Some customers regularly drop off their vehicles on their way to the airport for weekend business trips for pickup upon their return into the city.

We also have customers that drive from Barrie, Manitoba and Ottawa regularly once or twice a year. They trust us. We pride ourselves on this philosophy.

MB: Where do you see yourself growing with the business?

Avo: We just recently expanded our facility, since space was becoming an issue.

Our future goals will include further expansion, with additional locations around the city. Possibly adding an express facility for quick services.

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He has spent time in the newsrooms of the Toronto Sun, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Baltimore Sun, National Post and eye Weekly.

4361 Chesswood Drive,

Toronto, ON M3J 2C2

Tel: 647-317- 0850

TF: 1-888- 250-5434

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