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Lisa Eisen’s specialty isn’t just family law; it’s making sure clients

buy only what they want to buy. Her firm’s aptly called “A La

Carte” for that reason.

A lawyer for more than twenty years, Lisa Eisen has a well- rounded background, having represented clients at every stage of the

family law process - from providing advice to those contemplating

separation to arguing appeals - and almost everything in between.

She has drafted agreements (cohabitation, marriage, and

separation) and every possible kind of court document (affidavits,

case/settlement/trial management conference briefs, and appeal


She has negotiated, mediated, and litigated, and understands

there are unique challenges of each case.

But rather than manage every aspect of a client’s case from

start to finish, Eisen’s niche is known as “unbundled legal services”,

meaning the client gets to choose, according to their needs, what

services the lawyer provides.

This tends to be a more cost-effective route for those who

cannot afford to have a family law lawyer on full retainer or for

those who want to represent themselves but need help to do it well.

A client may only want help with completing the legal forms

- otherwise confusing and time-consuming to the layman. While

others might seek assistance with understanding the different steps

of the process.

Eisen prepares the documents and prepares clients with a keen

understanding of the evidence, what’s most relevant, and what

the judge wants to see and hear. She balances that with what’s

important to each client in their own situation. She strives to ensure

clients’ expectations about what can be accomplished at any given

stage of the process are realistic.

Whatever the issue, she’s there to alleviate the stress and

exorbitant costs of legal battles.

“Being self-represented doesn’t mean you have to do it all

alone,” Eisen explains. “Unbundled services allow the client to

maintain control over their finances and legal issues, while getting

legal advice and support when and where they need it.”

Checkout My Business caught up with Lisa Eisen to find out about how she helps people, what drives her, and what she’s most proud of.

COMB: Why did you decide to enter this particular field?

Lisa: The goal for me from the beginning, has always been to

really help people.

When I finished school, I travelled across Canada and the

Caribbean with a company, teaching people how to negotiate and

mediate. Then I began practicing family law. Over time, I noticed

how anxious family law clients can be, given how overwhelming

the process of separation is. When the cost and frustrations of the

legal system are added in, people really start to stress. I wanted to

help people make better strategic decisions that will get them what

they want and empower them along the way. It’s really important

that people see they have more choices than they might realize.

Working in this way allows me to connect with people one-on- one and really, truly help.

COMB: What are your biggest strengths?

Lisa: Communication, persuasive writing and organization. I

love to put the details together in a way that is clear, helpful and

easy to understand, whether in writing or by way of explanations.

COMB: What are you most proud of?

Lisa: I worked with another lawyer on a fascinating legal

problem and it became a precedent setting case.

The case involved the interplay between the Ontario Disability

Support Payments and child support for adult, disabled children.

It was challenging and rewarding.

COMB: What’s an example of a time when a case deeply

touched you?

Lisa: It’s always the people, rather than the case, that deeply

touches me. Recently, as I was leaving a client’s home after a

meeting, her eyes welled up with tears, telling me how grateful she

was that she found me.

That’s the part that touches me most. She told me she felt

whole again, after being worn down by the legal system.

I helped her find her strength again and did the legal writing

she found so overwhelming. It allowed her to spend more time

with her children.

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Lisa Eisen: Email:

Phone: (416) 546-1199

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