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For Jeff Levy, a client isn’t just someone who he does

business with. Rather, a client is someone who has

unique needs to be filled.

To that end, as managing partner and co- founder of Levy Zavet Law, he has helped build a firm that

encompasses diversity of language, diversity of services, a

diverse team, and diversity of legal experience.

The firm, located in mid-town Toronto, appeals to

a cross-generational multicultural clientele, while offering

services in English, Russian, Farsi, Hebrew and Chinese.

“It’s about the personal attention we give our clients,”

says Levy, who adds that another important aspect of their

mission is “providing the client value.” Knowing that legal fees

can often be overwhelming, they make it a point to understand

the financial burden, and do everything possible to keep the

fees at reasonable parameters.

Levy began the firm five years ago with Maxim Zavet,

a Russian-Israeli, and together they have

assembled a team of top lawyers, law

clerks and assistants, all with an extensive

track record of success.

Located in the Eglinton and

Yonge area, the firm offers myriad areas

of legal expertise, ranging from real estate

transactions, condominium development

and construction law, business and

corporate law, taxes, commercial

litigation, and family law.

For Levy’s part, he has honed his knowledge base

in several areas of law, giving him a diverse skill set to offer


“That’s stand-out for us, the idea that the firm is

providing many kinds of services at expert levels,” he says.

One specialty of his includes real estate and mortgages. His

clients have run the gamut from first time home buyers,

commercial closings and condo developers. But those aren’t

the only business transactions he has focused on.

It should come as no surprise given his experience

and training in business law, that so many clients have utilized

his counsel on all things related to buying/selling businesses,

venture capital and financing issues.

Business of all sizes – including corporations, family- owned and private businesses - have benefitted from his

expertise as an adviser. Family-owned businesses, for instance,

have welcomed his guidance in how best to pass the torch of

ownership to the next generation.

From older, established businesses, to brand new ones,

Levy has been there to offer a helping hand. Start-ups, too, have

also actively sought his extensive insight to ensure they have

the right plan for success. And while he’s at it, he can adapt

and adopt his vast understanding of tax law to address any tax

issues or concerns.

But if that wasn’t enough, Levy’s additional impressive

aptitudes in the business realm include wide-ranging familiarity

with trademark and copyright law, and protecting intellectual

property rights.

Meanwhile, he and the other partners in the firm keep

abreast constantly of the changing legal landscape and trends,

to make sure that their advice is up to to date.

When they’re not in the office, many lawyers in the

firm frequently offer their services to the public in the form

of online articles, that prove to be helpful to law students’

research, according to Levy.

“Students find this valuable. We get very detailed

regarding the technicalities in certain types of files – we will

reveal some secrets on being a good lawyer,” asserts Levy.

Overall, their team has penned some 500 articles, he says.

As for co-founder Maxim Zavet, much like Levy he has

a vast and varied range of experience, knowledge and expertise.

His residential and commercial real estate transactions number

in the hundreds, for a wide assortment of clientele.

There are a number of areas in condominium law, in

which he can assist, too. Let’s suppose

you’re about to embark on buying a piece

of land for development into possibly a

condominium project; before you sign

and need a legal pair of eyes, or there’s

a conflict with your contract, Maxim has

the ability to scrutinize the fine print with

a keen attention to detail and assess the

plausibility of pursuing your endeavor

from a legal standpoint. In cases of

condominium law and development, his

experience has shown that he can be your strongest partner.

From real estate contract disputes to title matters,

Maxim has been able to solve issues efficiently and deftly.

Indeed, his background in real estate law and condominium

law and development has enabled him to take each case, each

client, and give them individualized attention to serve them in

the best way possible.

The list of types of transactions and files he has dealt

with in this area include regular residential real estate closings,

commercial real estate deals, land assembly and dealing with

title matters, providing the complete package for developers and

builders to pre-sell their projects, close on complex financing

arrangements and preparing condo declarations and disclosures

as well as dealing with and remedying ongoing development

and construction issues.

And when it comes to family, nothing is as important

as making sure the next generation is safeguarded, and that’s

why Levy is especially conscientious when it comes to helping

people with estate planning. Doing so can maintain a family

business, save taxes, and avoid conflicts between beneficiaries,

among other important issues.

Overall, what’s most meaningful to Levy is a job well

done, and seeing those who use his services pleased with his


“Definitely the most rewarding is receiving great

feedback form the client,” says Levy, “more so than dealing

with the firm matters. It always comes back to the client.”






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