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IN today’s complex environment, wealthy families

are dealing with a multitude of issues that need

attention, with various advisors and institutions

offering different solutions, price tags, products

and services. This makes it difficult for family

leaders to stay on top of their affairs and take care of the family’s

wealth management needs with confidence.

“In response to the evolving needs of our clients,”

explains President Shayne Stephens in 2001, “we looked outside

the traditional wealth management landscape and created the

Landmark Family Office.”

She goes on to say, “There are many great products and

solutions being offered in the marketplace, but it is not one-size- fits-all.” Our families have to know when making a decision:

Is our situation an ideal fit for the product or strategy

being offered? Are there other options we should be looking at?

How will this impact our family and all the other things we are

doing or thinking of doing?

There are very few people who can answer these questions


The Landmark Family Office advisors sit on the side of

the client to understand the purpose of the family wealth, work with

all family stakeholders to identify gaps or missed opportunities,

and then develop a strategic framework for all of their planning

needs. We help our families figure out what is true and what is

false, what works, what matters, what is useful, and what can go wrong.

“The top priority for us is to help our clients sleep at

night by having all of their wealth, lifestyle, and legacy matters

integrated under a single, trusted management team headed by the

Family Office Director. This allows our clients to gain control of

their finances, maximize opportunities, and build wealth that is

sustainable for years to come,” says Jamie MacBride, co-founder

of Landmark Family Office.

Jamie is passionate about his work in the wealth management industry and takes a disciplined approach to ensuring Landmark clients reach their goals and objectives. As a pioneer in the Canadian wealth management industry, he has been invited to speak at the Schulich School of Business and co-authored an international

handbook for advisors to families in business published by The

Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP). Jamie holds a

STEP Advanced Certificate in Family Enterprise Advising.

Shayne believes that along with the privilege of

working with her families comes great responsibility. From a

background in behavioural sciences, organizational development

and communications, she takes a strategic approach to helping

shape the lives of wealthy families so that they have the financial

freedom they deserve. Shayne is a Certified Family Business

Advisor (CFBA), a Fellow of the Family Firm Institute, as well as

a member of the Institute for Family Enterprise Advisors. She is

a regular speaker at investment conferences across the country on

topics such as impact investing, private wealth management, and

family office forums.

“At Landmark, we have worked together with hundreds

of wealthy families and business owners. It’s the attention we

pay to every detail of the client situation and the time we take to

complete every task associated with the planning objectives that

ensures our families receive value from the advisors and products

they choose to reach their goals,” Shayne adds.

The freedom to do what is in our client’s best interest is

essential to everything that we do!



Landmark Family Office

9040 Leslie Street, Suite 7

Richmond Hill ON L4B 3M4

Phone – 905.477.9974

Email –

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