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There is one Realtor that can lend his expertise. You read that right – Howard K. Lende has been in the real estate business for two decades in Toronto, and is consistently in the top 1 per cent of Toronto agents with luxury sales performance.

Renown for his finesse in representing some of the finest homes in the Toronto luxury market, Howard Lende’s name is synonymous with successfully representing countless pleased clientele.

“What I often say is in terms of luxury real estate in Toronto: exceptional performance; extraordinary results. It’s where fantasy meets realty,” he says.

He adds that he chose to work for Forest Hill Realty all those years ago – and stays with them - because of their top echelon properties. Most of his sales are in the three to ten million dollar range.

In an unlikely change of career, before venturing into the market of high-end housing, Lende was active in the acting industry, having performed in roles alongside renowned thespians as Uma Thurman and Christopher Plummer.

The Hollywood frame of mind follows him into his real estate transactions, where luxury homes – the stuff of celebrity envy – is what he knows best.

He has worked on behalf of many superstars, including Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, as well as prominent business and financial leaders. But whether it’s a tinsel town giant or a Hogtown homeowner, he promises that his services are par excellent.

What makes him particularly stand out among the crowd, he adds, are his innate listening skills, his intuition and his attention to the buyer’s needs.

“Each client is addressed with my full attention and concern. Every situation benefits from my two decades of experience in working with luxury Real Estate in Toronto,” he says.

“Life is about change, and whether it’s new clothes, new car or a new home – the latter is the most prominent transition. And I have a great understanding of that.”

Imparting his insight to the client is integral to the process.

“I help them make that decision simple and knowledgeably. It’s a decision that creates a stimulating environment and future equity. That is the perfect balance, and the mandate of every purchase.”

Interestingly, while there’s a large dollop of knowledge involved from Lende’s end, there’s also that gut feeling the client experiences, also needed to make that right choice.

Lende advocates what he calls “The 10 second test” to determine the right affection for the right home – something he learned from a former client.

Years ago, a client of his arrived in Toronto on a two-day trip in order to purchase a home. At the time, he owned a number of residences in England, Asia and Monte Carlo. Lende showed him a short list of appropriate homes. “He, like many other visitors to Toronto, was astonished at the country-life residential neighbourhoods within five to ten minutes of the business core,” says Lende. He told Lende he just knew within ten seconds of walking in the front door that the house was the right one.

”It's important to have this ten second response to a house. That overwhelming feeling of yes, this is it!”

Howard Lende has seen that “aha” moment for a generation of clientele, all the while being a fount of resource, corralling experience and knowledge.

“My clients are able to experience the exhilaration of a perfect informed decision. It’s a decision in which everyone benefits throughout, from the day they purchase the property, to well into the future.”

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