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Marcie Pollack CEO Marketers on Demand Inc.

ASK anyone who’s been there, and they’ll tell you: job hunting isn’t

anything people revel in. Like a bachelor rotating through dates, the job interview process can be daunting, tedious, or even exhausting, simply

to find the right match.

What if – like a soul mate matchmaker - there was a career matchmaker, someone who flipped through her extensive Rolodex to bring two partners together who can benefit from each others synergy.

Well, in fact there is. Though she dubs herself “The President of Chaos”, Marcie Pollack of Marketers on Demand syncs up people with places - thus creating order from that chaos.

“The biggest misconception is that we’re headhunters, which has a bad stigma to it. I’m a matchmaker between talent and client".

But it’s more specialized than that- Pollack’s organization fills a certain void: within the marketing community. She noticed an excess in “generalist staffing agencies” when heading up previous recruiting firms, that spurred her to focus on a more boutique product.

Marketers on Demand (MoD) seeks and fills positions such as: interactive to brand management, market research, marketing communications and creative, and much more.

With twenty years of combined marketing and recruiting experiences, she has garnered a vast and varied knowledge and network of elite clients and talent.

Pollack majored in marketing at Toronto’s Ryerson University, landing her first gig at the premiere ad agency, J. Walter Thompson. After five years in the ad industry, she moved to recruiting, and today she continues to keep abreast of the marketing community through involvements in Ad Women of Toronto,

Entrepreneur Organization, WBE Canada, Women President’s Organization, CMA and Women of Influence.

Once called Canada’s Top Mom Entrepreneur, the busy mom of four says that she and her team do not think of job hunters as just a number.

“The biggest thing is ethics and morals – our reputation; we answer every single email. Every single person is followed up with. It doesn’t mean we have an opportunity for everybody but we treat people with respect,” she says.

“We don’t call our candidates ‘candidates’,

we call them ‘talent’.”

Moreover, that aspect of individuality plays a role with the MoD squad, in terms of understanding who they can, and who they cannot help.

“We’re not resume throwers – we can choose to not work with a particular person or company, if it means a revolving door or a company that has iffy practices,” she says. “We don’t want to sell it because it adds frustration

to everybody. We’ll pick people who have the right qualifications all around.”

If the CV is solid, she encourages people to send it in, even though there may not be a specific advertised opportunity. MoD will search through their data base, endeavor to present the CV to a client, with their network, and find out whether a need can be filled.

“We’re targeting companies and targeting opportunities, creating opportunities that aren’t necessarily there, but could be,” she says.

That’s the spirit of going above and beyond that the MoD team embraces. Everyone’s accountable, Pollack adds.

“It’s about having the same core values as I do and living it”, translating into saying what you mean, integrity, meeting expectations.

“Everyone at MoD lives by that.”

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178 Davenport Rd, Suite 200. Toronto, On. M5R 1J2

416 642-9176 (c) 416 999-8358

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