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As President of Mortgage Meister Ltd. Jeff Hristovski's mission

is to provide clients with knowledgeable, friendly, and high

educated agents, in addition to the best mortgage products and rates in the industry.

“We work hard to do all of the legwork and

negotiating on your behalf,” he says. “Add to that an easy,

streamlined approval process, and you’ll wonder why you ever

dealt directly with the banks or other brokerages out there.”

Soon after graduating with a Bachelors in Economics

from Yale University, he landed a job at a well-known

mortgage brokerage, that gave him the knowledge and training

to ultimately start his own brokerage nearly five years later in

early 2014.

In no time, he had made contacts in the industry

with all of the institutional lenders available to the brokering

community, while also learning the private lending side of the


He knew that he also had many wealthy contacts at

his disposal that were interested in investing their personal

funds into private mortgages.

Those contacts included banks, credit unions, mono- line lenders (they only lend in mortgages), trust companies,

and a growing pool of private funds available totaling in the

multi-millions of dollars from individual investors.

To date, he has helped more than 200 clients.

“My skill set covers every type of mortgage out there,

from AAA clients - that every institutional lender in the

marketplace will lend to - to B clients, who a select group of

institutional lenders will lend to for a slightly higher rate, to

clients in need of private funds who no institutional lenders

are willing to lend to, for what could be a variety of different

reasons,” he adds.

Checkout My Business asked the Mortgage

Meister to detail why his services might be just what you



Why would someone choose you as their mortgage

broker over their bank?


The bank can only offer you what their products are,

which are quite limited.

Whereas being a broker, I get to shop your file around

to dozens of different institutional lenders, and based on the

product that you are looking for, whether it be a fixed rate

or variable rate, short term or long-term, salaried or

self employed mortgage, I have all the lenders at

my disposal,to best suit your needs.

Maybe you have plans to sell your property before

your term comes due; there are a lot of lenders that offer much

‘better’ penalties for breaking mortgages than typically the

major banks offer.

Also I ask: what are you looking for in terms of

prepayment privileges? Many of the major banks, they only

offer 10/10 prepayment privileges, meaning a 10 percent

increase in your mortgage payment per month as well as lump

sum payments on an annual basis of up to 10 percent of the

mortgage balance. I typically get my clients into mortgage

products with 20/20 prepayment privileges if that’s important

to them.

There are some lenders that may offer better rates, but

their prepayment privileges are not quite as good, and their

penalty to break the mortgage might be significantly larger.

That’s where I come in. I will find you the best

possible mortgage product based entirely on your specific

needs and wants, and that differs with every borrower.


What’s a concrete example of how you made a real

difference in someone’s life?


I remember a client I got really late, five days before

closing. Typically, there’s at least a two-week window needed

to close the file just to be safe and for the process to run


This young couple, with children, thought they had

their mortgage in place at the bank and everything was all set.

They put up a $50,000 deposit for this property – their life’s

savings. Then their bank told them that they did not qualify

only a week before closing.

They got to the point that if they didn’t get their

financing in the next five days, they would have lost their

deposit entirely.

So when they came to me, it was a super rush file, and

I wasn’t even sure myself if I was going to be able to get this


I reached out to one of my lenders who I have a great

relationship with and explained the circumstances. I submitted

the file, and they got the approval out to me that same day.

The lawyers had everything needed on their end the

following day.

The wife was literally crying after this, so delighted.

They thought they were going to lose their deposit. I’ve never

felt better about a file than that day.


What about what you do, fulfills you the most?


I enjoy helping people make the best decisions possible,

for one of the biggest investments of their lives.

I’m a highly passionate guy and seem to be able to get

that trust factor from clients early on, which only grows when

I save them money and offer them educated mortgage advice.

Whether you’re talking a quarter million dollars or a

million dollars, even a fraction of a percentage point saved,

combined with a great mortgage product, goes a long way.

What fulfills me is educating my clients, and seeing them

walk away from the process knowing that they’ve received

the best possible advice and mortgage product available in the

market place for their particular needs.

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Jeffrey Hristovski

President, Principal Broker Ltd

Brokerage Lic. # 12506

Office: 416-635-1010

Cell: 647-802-2117

Cell: 647-802-2117

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