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Charles Sheppard

Charles Sheppard, President and co-founder of Accutrac Capital, has a clear vision; to provide industry leading cash flow solutions to trucking companies while delivering steady, reliable returns to investors.The trucking industry is a difficult environment of logistical and financial challenges that company owners must face every day.

Over the road continues to be the dominant mode of transportation for moving commercial goods. The trucking industry transports the most cargo, far exceeding trains, ships and planes combined. Virtually every type of commodity travels on a truck at one point or another. If the trucking industry stopped rolling, the national economy would grind to a halt.

Yet despite being a vital service, the trucking industry remains one of the

most difficult to manage, operate and finance. Trucking companies require

high capital investment and large amounts of positive cash flow. Every day

trucks are on the move and pulling freight. Fuel costs, equipment maintenance,

insurance, fees, payroll, taxes and other ongoing expenses are the immediate and short term obligations that must be paid. This creates the constant and pressing

challenge of maintaining reliable positive cash flow. Without it, no matter how profitable the trucking company appears on paper, operations will cease. Even the most successful trucking companies go through periods where their outgoing cash requirements exceed cash-on-hand. In an industry that is known for slow paying customers and slim margins, positive cash flow is a constant difficulty that

needs resolution. Hard working business owners struggle to find viable ways of obtaining the necessary cash to run their operation.

The traditional approach most companies take is to request an operating line of credit from the bank. However, banks have highly restrictive qualification processes and covenants to govern funding agreements. Most trucking companies have difficulty meeting these stringent requirements and are unable to obtain financing from traditional sources.

Accutrac Capital’s core business is to provide innovative cash flow solutions to trucking companies that are under capitalized. They specialize in providing invoice factoring to freight carriers and brokers who simply can’t meet the stringent requirements of traditional banking.

“Very simply, invoice factoring is the practice of selling accounts receivable invoices at a discount in exchange for immediate cash.” explains Charles Shepard, President of Accutrac Capital. “Qualification for funding is not based on our clients’ personal credit or the financial strength of their business; it is based on our clients doing business with Charles Sheppard is the main architect of Accutrac Capital. What

began is 2007 as a 2 man partnership has steadily grown into a corporate organization with offices in Canada and the USA, funding in excess of $250,000,000.00 per year.

credit-worthy customers. This makes it easier for our clients to obtain funding from Accurac Capital rather than seeking a bank loan.”

“Accutrac Capital provides real value to our clients.” continues Mr. Sheppard,“

"Our invoice factoring products allow trucking companies to access greater amounts of funding as their business grows and it does not dilute equity".

The benefits of our innovative factoring products are further augmented with fuel discounts and cost saving services to maximize client profitability. Further,our qualified team of industry experts offer value added services such as credit analysis, risk management and professional accounts receivable administration.”

Prior to starting the company, Charles Sheppard accumulated 15 years of accounting and financial service with 6 years’ experience at the senior management level.

Together with his partner Ken Judd, they share over 40 years of hands on trucking experience.

Developing innovative financial solutions to meet the commonly faced industry problem of stagnate cash flow is just one aspect of Accutrac’s successful strategy. World

class customer service, the industry’s lowest fees, and cost saving services such as fuel discounts are the key value propositions that positions Accutrac Capital as a rising

industry leader.

Accutrac’s rapidly growing brand recognition is largely due to quality of service, superior customer support and unequivocal honesty and transparency. With an industry high customer satisfaction rating, Accutrac Capital is regarded as a valuable asset and an essential financial service to its trucking customers.

Charles Sheppard has created much more than a trusted source of financial services to the trucking industry. By raising capital to finance its customers through a private

placement preferred share offering, Accutrac Capital provides a strategic investment opportunity for accredited investors.

“Our mandate to investors is clear,” says Mr. Sheppard, “... to protect investors’ wealth while paying steady and predictable returns. Our unique high yield investment opportunity is designed exclusively for high net worth accredited investors who are looking for a risk adjusted return. This unique opportunity features steady predictable cash flow (12% annually, distributed at a rate of 1% per month) and asset backed security without the risk of market volatility. All distributions are in the form of tax preferred dividends.”

Proceeds from the sale of Class A Preferred Shares are invested in a diversified portfolio of Factored Receivables and Asset-Based Loans. These types of investment assets achieve a superior risk-adjusted return. Accutrac Capital has stringent underwriting and monitoring processes in both Asset Based Lending and Factoring to

facilitate an optimal outcome for each investment. While Accutrac clients are concentrated in the trucking space, the factored receivables are spread amongst a wide diversity of industries and over 4000 different debtors. This diversity mitigates risk and reduces the potential for loss. Strict credit policies are followed to ensure credit exposure to any individual company is limited to acceptable risk levels.

Accutrac strives to provide yield-seeking investors with a diversified investment pool offering superior risk-adjusted returns that is not real-estate or stock market dependent and is fully secured against a stream of realizable assets. In addition to the pool of asset back investments, the Class A Shareholder investment is further secured by the investment of the founding partners. In essence the investment by the founding partners provides an additional cushion, in the event of an investment loss, to

the Class A Shareholders.

Mr. Sheppard explains the investment opportunity,“Volatile capital markets are a constant challenge for high net worth investors who are looking for predictable returns

while protecting their capital. This compounded by today’s low interest rate environment has hampered investor’s ability to maintain high yields without significantly

increasing their portfolio risk. Those investors who can allocate a portion of their portfolio into alternative investments will benefit from the Class “A” Preference Share offering of Accutrac Capital.”

Accutrac Capital provides convenient, cost effective, innovative funding solutions to meet the financial needs of trucking companies. Accutrac also offers a unique

risk-adjusted investment opportunity to yield-seeking investors. Charles Sheppard has created a business model that not only makes the lives of customers easier, it also

makes the lives of our investors richer.

For more information on Accutrac Capital,

visit: or

call 866-531-2615.

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