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Legal documents are like a delicate ballet: they both must be carefully choreographed with perfectly arranged steps. One small error, however - a movement or detail slightly out of sequence, and the entire ensemble falls apart. Legal details and how they are presented, to be sure, need to be as flawless as a synchronized dance movement.

Imagine a legal case being thrown out or not proceeding, because the documents contained a single error. And imagine a pronoun mismatched, or a document not quite conforming to legal requirements.This could be an entire case at risk.

Korbitec has helped thousands of lawyers avoid these costly mistakes, with a simple software solution. Their software is designed for litigators, specifically those who toil for hours and hours over getting the minutia just right, on the reams of documents necessary to file for each case.

That software is called Automated Civil Litigation (ACL), a product that makes it more efficient to generate litigation documents. ACL automates court forms in an efficient and accurate manner, ensuring the elimination of errors and inconsistencies, not to mention saving much-valued time.

Every document automatically follows the law firm’s chosen format and style as it is customized for each firm, eradicates repetitive data entry, and error prone copy and pasting.

In addition, the user-friendly software touts several advantages including: always being up to date with the latest rule changes and court forms, easy to learn, and offers the ability to produce a completed legal MS Word document in a fraction of the time compared to other methods.

Alan Bass, CEO of Korbitec, spoke to Checkout My Business about the groundbreaking software that has been used by more than 2,500 Ontario litigators from over 300 law firms.

COMB: What’s your background?

AB: I’ve spent ninety five percent of my thirty year working career in tech related industries. I began in the consumer electronics business, evolved into the software business, then moved into a business that blended of hardware and software, then got back into software.

COMB: How would you best sum up the product to someone who doesn’t know about you yet?

AB: The way I equate what ACL does for litigation, is that you wouldn’t run your law firm with a dial up modem. So why would you attempt to assemble your litigation documents without ACL?

ACL automates the assembly of court forms, documents, letters, and correspondence that one uses in litigation. There is also a Task Manager/Tickler feature to ensure a due date is never missed – a critical aspect of litigation and the biggest source of claims for administrative dismissal.

"The premise behind ACL is that it saves incredible amounts of time and reduces risk to the lawyer and the firm. It’s very fast and efficient and correct."

Litigation uses documents, lots of documents – letters, statements of claim, affidavits – and there’s a lot of information that is repeated from document to document. You insert the court and party information once, and the software fills in the rest automatically across all forms and documents. It also adjusts for tense, grammar and gender. ACL also formats letters, emails and other correspondence exactly the way a firm requires.

COMB: So it’s about time and money saved, and accuracy?

AB: That’s it, summed up. Legal assistants, lawyers and clerks spend an incredible amount of time preparing the documents, exactly how they need to be formatted for court filings. With our software, that’s a thing of the past. Also, the number one mistake on legal documents is from copying and pasting; ultimately people forget a detail in the process.

Our technology minimizes and reduces the risk to the firm and the partner – whether you’re a small firm or a big firm. Ultimately it also makes a firm more efficient and thus more profitable, and improves employee morale.

We once went to hear a judge speak, and he said that his mood is skewed by the quality of the documents. That’s huge.

COMB: How long does it take to learn?

AB: It takes a couple of hours, only because the software does so much. All of our support staff are former litigation assistants or clerks. They sat in the chair of the people who use our software. Our staff know what it’s like – they’ve done the job and this helps them train.

COMB: What kind of cost investment does a firm need to use your software?

AB: ACL isn’t sold like traditional software; it’s payper-use, so there’s no up front cost. There are also no fees for installation, training, upgrades or customer support.

COMB: What’s the biggest gain people have told you that your software provided?

AB: One example is a law firm that told us that with our software they’ve been able to double the amount of files they take on with the same staff.

I’ve heard people tell me that “ACL is like yoga for litigation!”

COMB: Are you looking at any other technologies for legal?

AB: Last year we introduced an accounting, practice management and document management software that we developed from the ground up as an integrated solution for law firms called Ghost Practice. Lawyers can docket time right into the accounting system as soon as they email, draft a document or make a phone call. The advantage is in the detail of the reports that the system produces.

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