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September 17, 2020

                                 KAYLIN FITZSIMONS, TIM LEONARD & LAURA FITZSIMONS

Together, Lifecycle Wealth and Mandeville Private Client Inc. provide financial, insurance, investment and tax-smart solutions to professionals, business owners and high net worth individuals. The Partners at Lifecycle Wealth believe that with time, and when planned properly, clients can build real wealth and lasting financial security.

Their Lifecycle Wealth Plans create more wealth for their clients by utilizing the appropriate insurance and investment tools to reduce tax at each s...

September 16, 2020

                                                                       RAE EVANS

“Clients and some Advisors and professionals record and interpret what has happened in the PAST whereas financial planners, like myself, focus on helping clients plan for the best possible FUTURE. This includes helping them meet their goals, achieve their lifestyle dreams, and fulfill their bucket lists,” says Rae Evans, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional and Division Director at IG We...

September 9, 2020

                                                               ZAEL MIRANSKY

Before he transitioned into a financial services career Zael Miransky owned and operated a small personal training company. “Believe it or not, I have found that there are many similarities between being a good personal trainer and being a good Financial Planner,” Zael says.

According to, a personal trainer assesses his or her customer's physical strengths and weaknesses and creates customized workout pl...

August 25, 2020

                                                       CHERYL DYCK

Mentoring Solutions Inc. (MSI) has mentored, coached and trained hundreds of business owners since its inauguration in 2009. MSI is the successor consulting business, President, Founder, and Chief Business Transformation Specialist, Cheryl Dyck, started in 1990. Today, MSI is one of Calgary’s premier companies in business consulting, transformation consulting, planning and funding, training (including leadership training), and team building.


August 20, 2020

                                                                       NEAL OWEN

In every life, certain unexpected moments can occur that instantly change everything. For Neal Owen, one such moment came in the spring of 1974. While his parents were on vacation in Mexico, his mother fell gravely ill. With commercial airlines unwilling to transport her back to Canada, she spent the next six months fighting for her life in hospital there, with Neal’s father by her side.


August 19, 2020


                                                         EMEKA UDEAGHA 

Financial Advisor, Emeka Udeagha, always excelled at science. In fact, his first university degree was a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biochemistry. Initially, he thought he would become a heart surgeon. Everythin...

August 18, 2020

                                                          ANGELA LARIMER

Twenty years ago, Angela Larimer, was in the middle of a contentious divorce and custody battle with her ex-spouse, a prominent Chicago Attorney. “I know what it feels like to sit next to an attorney, looking up at the judge, while the future of my family hangs in the balance,” Angela says.

To protect her sons and herself, Angela decided to learn everything that she could about Family Law and put herself through law school as part of D...

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